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Linux vs Windows – a comparison

DOS/Windows Linux 1> Files & folders & devices 1>Linux treats everything files treats as it is 2> Settings we registry 2>No registry only files and folders 3> filename 8.3 — 256.3 3>We do not maintain such extentions (eg. .conf) 4> Multitasking 4>Multi — Threading UNIX — Java 5> NO Case sentive 5>Case sensitive 6> Not… Read More »

Bash shell aliases for Widnows and DOS users

Windows and LInux Shell Operators

DOS Descriptor/Operator UNIX or Bash Descriptor/Operator Description / Directory path delimiter . ./ Current directory .. ../ Parent directory ctrl-z ctrl-d End of file/close shell ctrl-c ctrl-c Interrupt/process break * * file name wild card ? ? Single character wild card %VAR% $VAR Variable prefix %1 %2 %3 $1 $2 $3 First, second and third… Read More »

Windows and Linux Basic Command Comparison

DOS Command UNIX or Bash Command Action DIR ls -l (or use ls -lF)(-a all files) (df -k Space remaining on filesystem) List directory contents DIR *.* /o-dDIR *.* /v /osDIR /sDIR /aa ls -trls -lsls -Rls -a List directory contents by reverse time of modification/creation.List files and sizeList directory/sub-directory contents recursively.List hidden files. TREE… Read More »