Where is LVM GUI in CentOS 7?

By | August 13, 2016

CentOS-7If you are coming from old CentO 4/5/6 exprience, then you will notice that system-config-lvm is no longer available  in Centos 7.

From RedHat documentation regarding LVM in CentOS 7

The system-config-lvm tool has been deprecated. Management of logical volumes can be performed via the gnome-disk-util or the lvm tools.

So you can use either lvm tools or System Storage Manager (SSM for LVM) – both are CLI tools for managing the LVM.

LVM Tools:

LVM Tools installed by default. You can use CLI command like pvcreate, vgcreate, lvcreate, and lvextend etc to manage the LVM.

System Storage Manager (SSM for LVM):

SSM is not instal by default but you can install SSM through yum –

To list the existing disk storage devices, storage pools, LVM volumes and storage snapshots, run following command –

Still looking for LVM GUI on CentOS 7:

If you are still looking for LVM GUI in CentOS 7, then you can install old package “system-config-lvm” in CentOS7 and its works fine. (Warning -do it at your own risk.)



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