IBM Storwize v3700 Adding new SAS Disk to existing mdisk

By | November 24, 2015

Question: I have IBM Storwiz v3700 with 5 X 10TB SAS disk drive. I have kept first disk as spare. I have successfully created an array mdisk0 including 3 disk with RAID-5. Now i need to add last disk into existing array mdisk0 but it just not happening. Please help.


Answer:  IBM Storwize V3700 is an entry level storage controller with standard 1Gb/s iSCSI host attachment. 10Gb/s iSCS attachment option is also available.

The IBM Storwize V3700 uses basic storage units called managed disks mdisk (its can be mdisk0, mdisk1 and so on). All this managed disk makes one or more storage Pools, from these Storage pool, you can create the Volumes which can use by hosts.

If you create mdisk0 including 3 disks (or more) with RAID-5 and wants to add another disk in the same array, its not possible. This sound very wired as older storage systems and low end servers have this basic feature but in Storwize v3700, Currently there is no way to grow an existing array or change the RAID level of an array.

There is huge complaint on IBM Developers works forum regarding this. Read here

One thought on “IBM Storwize v3700 Adding new SAS Disk to existing mdisk

  1. syed jahanzaib

    We have IBM v3700 San Storage(300gb x 36 SAS HDD) connected to Four servers (windows 2008) via FC. Each server have few disks allocated in RAID5 mode.

    There are 8 unused (candidate) disks available in the slots. We want to add 2 disks per server to EXPAND existing pools. example each server have G: drive and want to expand the G drive using these 2 additional disks.

    What are my best options? How can i add 2 disks to each server pool. I see it gives me few raid option like raid0,10,5 , Is this possible I simply add 2 disk to existing raid5 to get maximum space and raid failover could be covered by existing raid 5 spare?

    Or what should i do ? please suggest.


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