IBM Storage: Storwize V3700 making noise

By | April 15, 2016

ibm-storage-v3700Recently working with IBM Storage Storwize V3700, i found that it started making the noise suddenly. The noise was quit loud indicating there is something wrong. Here are the steps to fix this:

  • Check physical cable dressing:
    One of the quick task for you to check the cable dressing and connectivity cables inside Storage. You will notice that poor dressing may cause obstruction for Hot air flow from rear side of the storage can result in high temperature and noise.
  • Check Storage LED indicator:
    Check if any disk is showing amber light showing the faulty state and require replacement.
  • Check check room temperature:
    Another obvious check is to check the room temperature. It should be between 18-2o°c. 
  • Check events log:
    Check if there is any log in Events – StoreWize3700 > Monitoring > Events
  • Reset Canister and Enclosure: (Finally, this step worked for me)
    If none of above steps worked for you then run below commands in storage console and observe storage status. Connect via ssh to the storage.default login user: superuser
    default password: passw0rdchenclosurecanister -reset -canister <Canister ID> <Enclosure ID>

    if canister 1

    chenclosurecanister -reset -canister 1 2

    if canister 2

    chenclosurecanister -reset -canister 2 2

    Note : 1) This command activity will not require any downtime if storage is in optimal state at hardware front.
    2) The fan will go 120% for 30 seconds and then will drop to normal levels.

2 thoughts on “IBM Storage: Storwize V3700 making noise

  1. Claudio Domingos


    Thanks for your help, I will apply this temporary fix on my storage because I have this issue at 3 weeks and the unit is noisy 🙂

    Question, if I apply this command, the storage will have any downtime? Or all comunications work normally ??
    I have the storage and the servers connected by mSAS HD Cable.
    Thanks again.

    1. Claudio Domingos

      Tested and worked like a charm 🙂 and the storage will not have any downtime! Just a simple reset to PSU.
      Note: If you need to do in more caninsters, do it in a break of 30 min between, just for safety reasons :-).


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