5 thoughts on “Free Web Conferencing with 16 online Tools

  1. Dave N.

    I found a tool last week called Yakkle that is recently out in Beta.

    Yakkle is stated to offer gmail and jabber users the ability to connect with multiple other users for 16 bit voice chat, file transfer, and real time desktop sharing with remote mouse and keyboard control.

    The yakkle website is http://www.yakkle.com

  2. josh

    Those are very good tools, however, in many cases those platforms are used just to allow the team to review the same document together in real-time and "be on the same page".
    The recently launched free site http://www.showdocument.com does exactly that, quickly show documents to friends and colleagues.
    It allows Free Web meeting and co-browsing on any document, user uploads a document and invites friends to view it with him live
    All the participants in the session see each others' drawing, highlights, etc.


  3. BrainTiller

    Nice list but I am using RHUB TurboMeeting for my conferencing purposes because I am bit concerned about security issues. RHUB is a firewall-friendly and compatible with lock down security so I am happy with it. They even offer free audio conferencing.

  4. MarkD

    I'm using ISL Groop now and must say that it compares to my old web conference app Webex.

  5. Chakradhar N

    Web conferencing is a form of real-time collaboration in which multiple computer users, all connected to the Internet, see the same screen at all times in their Web browsers. Some video conferencing systems include features such as texting, VoIP (voice over IP) and full-motion videos


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