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Update VMware Hypervisor to ESXi 6.0 Update 2

On 17 March 2016, VMware releases ESXi 6.0 Update 2. The ESXi 6.0 Update 2 supports 25 G and 50 G ethernet link speeds and  HTML5 support for VMware Host Client and enhance APIs support. VMware provides several ways to upgrade ESX/ESXi hosts: vSphere Update Manager Interactively using an ESXi installer ISO image Scripted upgrade vSphere… Read More »

Error Disk Cap Control: Value xxx is out of range – When adding disks larger than 4TB

When adding a large disk larger than 4TB with thin provisioning in vSphere Client, the following message is displayed: Erro: DiskCapControl: Value 13194139533312 is out of range (1048576,4398046511104) This error occurred when you create a hardware version 8 virtual machine with a disk larger than 4TB. To fix this, use vSphere Web Client. Reference:

VMware common terms – explained

New to VMware world, learn and understand following commonly used terms: VMware vSphere High Availability (HA) provides cost-effective, automated restart within minutes for all applications if a hardware or operating system failure occurs. VMware vSphere vMotion enables live migration of virtual machines between servers and across virtual switches with no disruption to users or loss… Read More »